B12: The Happy Shot

Is your diet as healthy as it could be? Many people believe that they eat the right foods, but they are actually missing essential nutrients that their body needs to function and grow.  For some, vitamin B therapy is the right option to supplement their diets with benefits such as:

  • More energy, no crash!
  • Improved Metabolic Function
  • Enhanced Immune System for cold and flu season
  • Improved Nerve Transmission & Cardiovascular Function
  • Enhanced Memory

At SlimDown4Life in Greenwood Village, Colorado, we are here to assist you. Our vitamin B-12 injections are ideal for those looking to boost energy, repair their bodies, and boost their metabolism, especially in time for the holidays and cold and flu season!

Contact SlimDown4Life today to schedule your appointment for a treatment.  Shots start as low as $15 and can be given once a week.  Treatments are quick, in and out appointments.

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