Meet Our Team:

Dawn Atchison, Practice Manager

Dawn is the Clinic Manager of SlimDown4Life in Denver, Colorado.  Visit SlimDown4Life and say hello to our new Practice Manager!

She is fully certified as an Ideal Protein Coach, and offers a fresh and very adept perspective.  She is a Colorado Native whose works as a Health Care Consultant spans nearly 25 years. She has traveled to some of the nation’s largest hospitals speaking on behalf of improving the costs of health care. She focuses on organic & complementary approaches to getting the body to Optimal Health performance. She has reached many notable accomplishments in business & in fitness as well. She bring many unique skills with her, will make a strong addition to the SlimDown4Life Team.

Contact SlimDown4Life to learn about their proven weight loss strategies. They are proud to present their weight loss coaching program to individuals throughout Greenwood Village, Colorado and soon also in San Diego, California!


Howard Flamm, Clinic Director


Howard Flamm is the Clinic Director of SlimDown4Life and Ravive Health and Vitality- both here in Denver.  As a clinical nutritionist he has been trained by Dr. Tran Tien Chanh, a French physician who has written 3 books on the subjects of metabolic science and weight management. Dr. Chanh, M.D., Phd, devised his all-natural medical protocol, which is internationally regarded, initially for the French Olympic athletes. It had now been in practice, and clinically-tested worldwide, for over 30 years.

It is thru these teachings that our clinics in Denver have been able to thrive and help our patients lose over 10,000 pounds since opening in 2010; as well as lighting the path for patients’ to reverse chronic disease- like high-cholesterol, hypertension, & the onset of diabetes.

As part of our practice-  our Medical Supervisor and Family Nurse Practitioner, Teressa Heisser (N.P.) , is available to review a patients’ medical issues, and offer recommendations, if necessary.

Howard has served in the Health Services field for over 20 years. He’s committed to helping clients reach their weight-loss goals, naturally restoring health and vitality to their lives.